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Robo's Back!

Fri Mar 28, 2014, 10:56 AM

 Hey everyone.... I'm Back! (most of you are prolly like "Who is this guy, and why is he in my friends list?") It's been quite awhile since I've used deviantART Account. Feels like decades when it's only been about a year. I've re-opened my gallery and swept away the dust. During my time away from deviantArt, I've accomplished a lot in my life. I've gotten my Driver's License, enrolled at a community college, gotten over  some anxiety issues... and like most other artists... my style has been evolving.

As some of you may remember, I'm part of a community for a custom game that is part of Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II, called Night of the Dead, an 8-player survival co-op zombie killer... on the moon. I'm one of (probably the #1, not-including outside commissions) best artist with the NOTD community, and done a lot of NOTD themed artwork (which can be viewed in my deviant gallery) Back in mid November they began working on NOTD's sequel - Night of the Dead 2. They were able to raise the funds need on Kickstarter, and in a few weeks they will be releasing the NOTD2 alpha, on SC II. I've been helping them out a bit, in terms of doing concept art and in game icons.
Here's some of my new stuff -

Jorzar - The Rogue by RoboMonkey03 NOTD-2 Armor Concept by RoboMonkey03 The Forward Observer by RoboMonkey03 Robo's Forward Observer Armor by RoboMonkey03

Well it's great to be back, and I cant wait to submit more stuff :D


Joshua B. Morin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
People like me are rare; I'm a unique and creative person who prizes individuality. Private, quiet, and socially cautious, only friends who know me very well probably see my more creative and expressive side, and it may take me awhile to feel comfortable with new people. Inside, I am a person of great feeling and I care deeply for the people and causes that are dear to my heart. My personal values are most important to me so I always try to make choices that I feel good about and I'm rarely willing to compromise on anything that is really important to me. I can sometimes become overwhelmed by the intensity of my emotions, and my relationships need to be free of conflict or tension for me to remain in them.

I am also a highly imaginative person and I enjoy expressing myself through Art. But since I am also somewhat of a perfectionist, so I have trouble hearing constructive criticism without taking it personally. I am quick to understand the deeper meaning of things, and I often have a fresh or original take on events and people. Since I'm essentially spontaneous and casual, I'll sometimes resist too many rules or too much structure. I may also have trouble staying organized or making decisions. At heart, I are a non-conformist and must find the path that is really right for myself, even if it means going at it alone. I am probably someone who may never find companionship, because I'm afraid of being hurt, or because I choose not to.

My name... is Joshua Morin.


Pokemon Trainer - Joshua by RoboMonkey03
Pokemon Trainer - Joshua
My Pokemon Trainer from Pokemon XY... hope we can customize our trainers in future Pokemon games like we can in X & Y.

Okay, i'm just gonna freak'n say it, PICHU IS SO DAMN CWUTE! I've had mine ever since Pokemon Heart Gold and i'm never ever gonna play a future game without it.

Gonna eventually do a piece of my entire Pokemon team with my trainer.

Used Kalos Ash as the base.
Night of the Dead 2 - Service Insignias - by RoboMonkey03
Night of the Dead 2 - Service Insignias -
Service Branch Insignias for the upcoming 8 player cooperative survival mod for StarCraft II, Night of the Dead 2.
Unlike the original Night of the Dead, player will be able to change what service branch they are under, from the game's military, the United Global Coalition. Each insignia grants bonus stats from one of eight types to the player. Service insignias are achieved through different methods. Some can be earned by completing a mission or choosing a different storyline, while others can only be bought.

The current planned rank sets are: (From Left to Right)
UGC Marines: +3 Sight Range
UGC Army: +30 Maximum Health
UGC Air Force: +5% Movespeed
UGC Navy: +15 Maximum Energy
Black Ops: +Energy Regeneration (values currently undecided)
Peacekeeper: +1 Life Armor
Mercenary: +5% Weapon Damage
HAL Soldiers: +5% Ability Damage

(All of these values are subject to change)

Artwork © Joshua Morin a.k.a RoboMonkey03
NOTD2 © Daren Yoong, Charles Passen, and Blueberry Entertainment

StarCraft II © Blizzard Entertainment.
Night of the Dead Portraits (2014) by RoboMonkey03
Night of the Dead Portraits (2014)
Marine Portraits for the 8 player cooperative survival mod for StarCraft II, Night of the Dead.
NOTD initially started out with 11 Marine classes in 2010 and the portraits for them were done by an artist named Quassy. somewhere between 2010 and 2012, Quassy left NOTD, and there was no one to do the portraits for 3 new classes. Around mid 2014, after 2 years of playing NOTD, I was asked to do the remaining portraits for the classes.

Standard Portrait, then the Skill Tree 1 & 2 Portraits.

Portraits are for:
Pathfinder - Gunslinger and Rocketeer.
Technician - Weapons and Modifications.
Chemical Expert - Desolator and Ground Support

© Joshua Morin a.k.a RoboMonkey03

NOTD2 © Daren Yoong, Charles Passen, and Blueberry Entertainment

StarCraft II © Blizzard Entertainment.


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